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Despite their old man smell, those old guys new about bourbon

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Had this one for the second time; it’s HOT!! Taken neat it’s a little thinner but obviously very dark. The flavor has overwhelming maple and chocolate. Adding a couple of cubes, it gets really sweet!

Had this one for the second time; it’s HOT!! Taken neat it’s a little thinner but obviously very dark. The flavor has overwhelming maple and chocolate. Adding a couple of cubes, it gets really sweet!

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Stranahan’s Whiskey is like a different flavor with every sip

We had a whiskey tasting last night, and they had several different bottles covered. When we got to this one, the first sip accosted my senses. I couldn’t separate all of the flavors. I really wasn’t sure that I liked it at all. As I sipped it the flavor seemed to change. I added water the flavors shifted just as did the nose. It was a little sweet and almost malted to me. With water it became fruity. The finish is unlike anything I’ve ever had. It hangs with you a long time and for a while it was almost like every thing had a whiskey undertone. I had some chocolate chips when I got home and they were almost bourbon flavored. 

If you are a big whiskey fan and you’re looking for a wild card then this is the one for you!

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2013 Birthday bourbon, marshmallow notes

I recently tried birthday bourbon for the first time and it was a 2004 which was super sweet and delicious. Tonights was also sweetish but different profile, very different. Normally, I can’t pull out unusual flavors, but this one was different. Taken neat it was dark and medium viscosity. It had a lot of flavor but was drinkable. There was some bitter oak and a little wheat. There as vanilla here and there too. It was sweet and the nose would drop this marshmallow hint in. Once I added a couple of drops of water the bitterness was gone and the marshmallow was clearer. It was still oak but smooth. The finish was mild but noted bitter wood. 

I like this one, but prefer the 2004. Don’t get me wrong it’s definitely worth trying sometime. 

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Willett 21 year 100.9 proof joining my cabinet with it’s 98 proof brother

I like the Willett’s a lot. When I got a call from my friend traveling from KY down to SC for a visit, he said they had this proof bourbon. I have tried it in succession with other willett’s but never on it’s own and never against the 98 proof. 

The 100.9 is rich and smooth. It’s thin and dark. Prominently it has oak and mild hints of sweetness, vanilla I think. With a little water it smooths the bitter wood and drags the sweetness out a bit. Interestingly, the finish is smooth but very short.

I then got out the 98 and they are like different bourbons. The 98 proof is much more floral and sweet. They are both good but I think I prefer the 98 proof.

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Larceny, stealing a spot for affordable mass produced bourbon?

So I’ll admit it, I’m a bourbon snob! Big time! I haven’t bought larceny because the market pitch I’ve heard is that it’s like Maker Mark but cheaper. I don’t like makers (cue the gasps). I mean how could any bourbon that celebrates every University of Kentucky basketball championship be bad? Well, it’s not great to me. So when I hear larceny described as cheaper Makers, I didn’t rush out.

This past weekend we had a bourbon tasting at my house and Larceny was entered in. It performed pretty well and I found it to be smooth and palatable.

This one is better than Makers to me. It’s not complicated with tons of intricate flavors but I taste mild wood, wheat, and just a little sweet vanilla. It smooth and worthy of being on your shelf. At it’s price it can be a very approachable everyday bourbon. It’s definitely good enough for cooking and mixed drinks too

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Eagle Rare 17yo undoubtedly a superbourbon

I have been anxiously awaiting this bourbon for several months. I found it dusty on top of a shelf in a liquor store some 8 months after its release. I thought this bourbon didn’t exist after looking for a long time without finding it. After I got it, I had to wait to some fellow bourbonheads could share it with me. That finally happened a few days ago. So I tasted it then tasted it again.

Bottomline: superbourbon!

This one is smooth and sweet. The caramel and vanilla notes are strong. With water there is butterscotch. It has prominent finish like 10yr eagle rare but it’s a better finish. It reminds of the older sweeter birthday bourbon combined with a sweet caramel/vanilla of 12 year old pappy. With water it opens up. 

This one is overwhelming! It is complicated yet approachable. I would put this in my top 5 bourbons if not arguably top three! 

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Hirsch Reserve, very smooth bourbon

Hirsch is a bourbon that I am new to, but I have seen some bottles for upwards of $500. This is the reserve and is closer to $35. This one is light but medium viscosity. I was taken by the first sip. Usually it takes me a few sips to get a handle on the flavor, but this one was really smooth and a little sweet on the first sip. As I drank it, I found it oddly familiar. I’m still not exactly sure to what, but I experienced several different flavors. Mild bitter rye was noticeable but very mild. There was vanilla, wheat, oak, and a little caramel.

I usually experience rye as bitter on the sides of mid tongue. I get wheat as a little bitter sweet on the front of my tongue. The sweet flavors are usually on the tip or front two thirds. This bourbon was different; I got more sweet on the back of my tongue a bit. 

With a few drops of water, it remained thick with a balance of wood, vanilla, mild sweet caramel, sweet corn and balance. The finish was long wheat and oak a little bitter. 

This is a quality bourbon, definitely on the upper half of the quality spectrum for me. The most overwhelming features were balanced bitter sweetness and it was very very smooth. I would definitely give this a go.

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Bourbon Babe: The $4,000 bourbon



When I heard about Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Bourbon, I thought it was a joke.

"Louisville-based Michter’s Distillery is pleased to announce a very limited release of Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey. … Master Distiller Willie Pratt hand selects sour mash whiskey from his…

$4,000 for a bottle of bourbon? This is one of my favorite brands but I’m out…way out on this one.

This is a great bourbon blog by the way, check it out.

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